Katharine May Harpsichord and continuo

Sample Programmes

In celebration of Mr Handel.
Handel and Purcell
Johann and George - A German Legacy.
Froberger, Fischer, J S Bach and Handel
Invitation to the Dance.
Byrd, Buxtehude, J S Bach/ or d`Anglebert, F Couperin,Rameau and Handel
`To Entertain the King`...........Music with a Royal connection.
Scarlatti, L Couperin, d`Anglebert, Bortnyansky and Soler Le Goût Français. Böhm, Fischer, Froberger, J S Bach,`du vieux` Gaultier, F and L Couperin
`From Lübeck to Stuttgart`- a whistle stop tour around Germany.
Froberger, Buxtehude, Fischer, Krebs, CPE Bach and Handel
Froberger - A Lasting Legacy.
Froberger, L Couperin, d`Anglebert, Muffat and J S Bach